by Roxana / Aug 29, 2023

TL;DR — tricks are both fun and useful, I’m teaching a trick workshop in October in North Carolina, you should be there.

As for the longer version…

You know those moments when you are in the flow and lose track of time doing something you love?  That’s where the magic happens!

Now, how about recreating that with your dog?

Imagine doing something you both enjoy while also building focus, engagement, more value in the reward, obedience reliability, improving your skills as a handler, your communication and timing, and strengthening the connection between you and your dog as you work together as a team… It’s a win-win on so many levels!

And that is where trick-training comes in, for me. 

But there’s even more.  Tricks are entertaining, and fun to show off.  (A plus for me personally, because for a while I was fighting training burnout, but I digress.)  With some of them, the dog gets physical exercise, and over time can get more physically fit.  Some can help improve the dog’s coordination and balance.  Rear end awareness.  Whole body awareness.  Some tricks can be transferred to functional skills for the real world, or even service-dog-type of assistance (the retrieve variations come to mind).  And many of them can make fantastic foundation exercises for dog sports.

In addition, when combined with appropriate physical exercise, a 5-10 min trick training session once a day (twice if you’re feeling motivated) will keep most dogs content and out of trouble – and that’s coming from someone who is currently living with a Belgian Malinois, a Dutch Shepherd, a German Shepherd, and an Australian Cattle Dog.

Are you sold on trick training yet?

I am!

So much so that I am actually teaching a Dog Tricks for Treats” Workshop in North Carolina this coming October (because, Halloween Edition) and I am seriously looking forward to it.

If you are not able to make it to the workshop but you would like to know how improve your technique and make the most out of your tricks-teaching sessions (aka, all of those benefits I mentioned above) let me know.  I also offer private lessons, both in-person as well as remote/over the phone. 

And if you happen to like setting goals and putting letters after your dog’s name (I mean, I do!), I am an AKC Trick Dog Evaluator as well.

We can start with a free phone consultation and take it from there.

– Roxana Vlasceanu


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