• 20 min, over the phone


I take a personalized, somewhat informal yet honest and direct approach with my clients.  It might be exactly what you are looking for, or it might not be well-suited for your needs.  Either way, we both need to find out if we are a good fit for working together.

Think of the phone consultation as a two-way interview that gives us the opportunity to introduce and learn about each other, especially if we have never met or communicated before.  I’d like to know about your dog, your needs and expectations, and you can find out more about my expertise, methods, next steps/programs, etc.

Now, I do know that when it comes to our dogs, most of us can easily talk for hours.  Since this will be a relatively short conversation, the more in-depth details will be covered during the comprehensive evaluation (either in-person or remote*, depending on a few different factors) if we decide to move in that direction.

And speaking of next steps, if you would like to schedule a phone consultation you can TEXT me at 216-501-0878.  (Please allow up to 48 hours for a reply.)  Thank you!

– Roxana Vlasceanu

*  I generally prefer to meet with new clients and their dogs in person, but that is not always feasible (e.g., if out of state).  In certain cases, I do offer remote/virtual options, and that can be discussed during the phone consultation as well.



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