Comprehensive In-Home Evaluation

  • Training and Behavior Modification
  • $150

If you would like help with your dog(s) home manners, social skills, leash manners, and/or behavioral issues (e.g., excessive jumping, nuisance barking, indoor accidents, leash reactivity, etc.), this option is the way to go.

The evaluation will last up to an hour and a half.  I will come to your place* and observe your dog(s) behavior and the way you interact with them in your home environment.  We will discuss your needs and expectations.  You will receive handling, training, and/or management tips (if applicable) and I will go over the pros and cons of various training options and behavior modification protocols for your particular situation.

While the evaluation will give us the opportunity to outline the best steps moving forward, there is no obligation to sign up for a training program.

* Must be located within ~30 min drive of the West Side of Cleveland, OH.

In-Person Evaluation, Public Location
  • Advanced Obedience Training
  • $125

Best suited for dog sport handlers and clients who already have a good obedience foundation on their dog, but would like to improve their skills and their dog’s focus, engagement, precision, and reliability.

Evaluations last 1 hour, and we usually meet at (or around) Edgewater Park, Cleveland.


Remote Assessment
If we are not able to meet for an in-person evaluation (e.g., if out of state), in certain cases I do offer the option of a Remote Assessment over the phone*.
  • 1 hour, $100

Think of the assessment as an information-gathering phase.  I will ask you specific questions so I can learn more about your perspective on the behaviors you would like help with, your dog’s background, temperament, methods and tools you had previously tried, issues you experienced, etc.

Depending on a few different factors, I might also ask for 2-3 short, specific videos of your dog, which I will review prior to our appointment.  You will receive feedback, and (if applicable), suggestions that could improve your technique, as well as practical handling tips.

* Remote Assessments are primarily geared towards advanced obedience training, CGC skills, AKC trick titles, and dog sport foundation (Mondioring, French Ring, IGP).

When it comes to troubleshooting home manners and behavioral issues, my preference is to meet the dog and work with the client in person, since there can be significant nuance, human factor, and situational context that can influence a dog’s behavior.



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