✨ Relationship Building ✨

Would you like to improve your relationship with your dog, beyond what you have together right now?  Then join us for a Focus and Engagement Workshop!*

When our dogs are enthusiastic about working with us, it can elevate our game to a new level.  “Training sessions become more enjoyable, dogs learn faster, perform obedience commands with more speed, more reliability, and there’s a boost of confidence on both ends of the leash as well as a stronger bond between us.  There’s a big return on investment here, and the positive effects ripple into our day to day life.  Imagine a dog who is biologically more fulfilled, more mentally satisfied, who overall listens better and gets in trouble less often (so there is less conflict between us and less frustration to go around) so we are able to enjoy each other’s company more… The pluses keep adding up, and that’s even without mentioning the benefits for behavior modification programs, and more.”

– Roxana, on “Focus and Engagement”


Topics covered during the workshop: communication (marker systems and timing); managing training sessions; capturing and luring; reward delivery and reward events; arousal and drives; and more. 

Working spots (dog/handler teams) will have the opportunity to learn and practice specific techniques to build and maintain focus and engagement, and will receive constructive feedback and individualized training advice based on the dog’s temperament and handler’s current skill level.

We will also go over practical applications of these techniques — from day to day relationship building to obedience training, to behavioral modification protocols, to different sports, including specific scenarios that will be useful to the participants and their dogs.

* Dates, locations, and additional details on the WORKSHOPS page.